Winter Storage

We offer space for rent for the storage of vehicles, campers and boats during the winter months. Items may be stored starting October 16th.  Winter storage will only be accepted on Tuesdays and Thursdays: 9:00 am to 6:00 pm and Saturdays: 9:00 am to noon.


We will call you when you are to remove your items.  Items must be removed within three days of notification in the spring of 2019. 

An additional fee of $50.00 will be charged for vehicles not removed within 5 days with a $10.00 charge for each day thereafter.

2022 Winter Storage Rates/Contract

Rates are charged on the length of the vehicle and location of the storage space. Inside storage is in an enclosed, locked building; outside storage is in a building with open sides and dirt floors. The length is measured from bumper to bumper, hitch to bumper, or hitch to rear of boat or motor. For boat or campers that are higher than normal, please measure the height.

Owners rent storage space at their own risk and are advised to continue their insurance, to remove small articles, and to use locking gas caps. Owners should prepare the vehicles or boats for storage BEFORE bringing them to the fairgrounds. This includes cleaning, draining lines, removing batteries, etc. Blocks need to be placed under the tongue to prevent wheels from rolling. Adequate absorbent material must be placed under motors that may leak oil.


Up to 15′ $210.00 $145.00
Over 15′ up to 18′ $225.00 $155.00
Over 18′ up to 21′ $245.00 $165.00
Over 21′ up to 24′ $260.00 $170.00
Over 24′ up to 27′ $275.00 $180.00
Over 27′ up to 30′ $335.00 $235.00
Over 30′ up to 33′ $355.00 $250.00
Over 33′ up to 36′ $365.00 $260.00
Over 36′ up to 39′ $390.00 $270.00
Over 39′ up to 42′ $460.00 $330.00
Over 42′ up to 45′ $475.00 $335.00
Over 45′ up to 48′ $495.00 $340.00
Over 48′ up to 51′ $505.00 $350.00
Outside Storage:  Any Length, no roof, $100.00

$50.00 charge for Special Privileges (example: last in & early out; early in & last out; etc).

A spot may be reserved with a $50.00 deposit. Payment in full is required before placing your vehicle in storage. Deposits will be accepted as early as your spring vehicle removal.