Special Youth Contests – Dept. 10

DEPT. 10 SECT. 203

1. Competition open to one exhibit from each high school in Lawrence County.
2. Exhibits shall be presented by the students in Home Economics in the school.
3. The space used shall not be more than six feet in depth, ten feet wide, and eight feet high.
PREMIUMS:…..1st – $25 2nd – $22 3rd – $20 4th – $18 5th – $15
1. Lawrence County High School

DEPT. 10 SECT. 221

Judging: FRIDAY at 9:00 AM at Laurel High School parking lot

Objective: To demonstrate skillful practices and emphasize the safe operation and handling of a farm tractor.

1. Applicants must be members of a regularly organized 4-H Club or vocational agricultural department.
2. All contestants must have reached their 14th birthday and must not have passed their 21st birthday by the opening day of the Fair.
3. Applicants must be residents of Pennsylvania and must be in a position to show that they are experienced tractor operators.
4. Contestants will be scored on a fault points system. The contestant with the lowest score wins. Time will be used to eliminate the scores.
5. Tractor driving contest rules approved by the Pennsylvania State University will be observed.

PREMIUMS:…..1st – $15 2nd – $10 3rd – $8 4th – $6
1. Lawrence County 4-H Tractor Club Member
2. FFA Member
3. Other 4-H Members

DEPT. 10 SECT. 222

Judging: FRIDAY at 10:00 AM
1. Open to residents of Lawrence County, not over 16 years of age.
2. Four groups of cattle will be judged.

PREMIUMS:…..1st – $5 2nd – $4 3rd – $3 4th – $2 5th – $1

1. 14-16 years of age – Trophy by AgChoice Farm Credit
2. 8-13 years of age – Trophy by Highland Livestock Supply

DEPT. 10 SECT. 223

Judging: WEDNESDAY at 10:00 AM
1. Open to residents of Lawrence County, not over 18 years of age.
2. Contestants will judge beef cattle, sheep, swine, goat and meat rabbit classes.
3. Contestants will be asked to identify feed stuffs, livestock equipment, judge hay samples and complete a variety of tasks relating to general livestock management.
4. Sign up to participate at the livestock office in the hog barn.

PREMIUMS:…..1st – $5 2nd – $4 3rd – $3 4th – $2 5th – $1

1. Seniors – Trophy by Blair Hill Farm
2. Juniors – Trophy in Memory of Bill Dean
3. Beginners – Trophy by Deerfield Farms