Rules for Care of Animals

It is the responsibility of each exhibitor to care for animals in a manner that is responsible and ethical. Following are some guidelines for the treatment of animals exhibited at the show.

1. Restraining Animals

a. Animals should be tied or penned in a manner that will not hurt the animal or restrict its breathing in any way.

b. Animals should be tied so that all four feet are firmly on the ground and they have enough room to stand comfortably and lie down.

c. Animals should be tied so that they are unable to injure animals tied nearby.

d. Animals unaccustomed to each other should not be penned together.

 2.  Handling

Any type of rough handling which could harm the animal is prohibited. The use of whips, canes, and show sticks should be restricted to showing only and then be used only to guide the animals, not punish them. Remember, animals will respond quicker and better to quiet, gentle handling, than loud, rough handling.

3. Bedding

All animals should have bedding that is dry and clean. Pens should be cleaned regularly to keep the animals clean and comfortable. If non-traditional bedding such as carpeting is used, it should be regularly cleaned (at least twice daily) to keep the pen free from manure.

4. Feeding & Water

Animals should be well fed and have access to clean water regularly. Realizing that many market animals must have restricted amounts of feed to meet the animal’s basic requirements, animals not allowed reasonable access to feed and water will be disqualified from the show.

5. Transportation

Animals should be transported in a way that is both safe and considerate of the animal’s well-being

6. Blanket/Sweat Collars

Any type of material such as blankets or sweat collars should be large enough to permit normal body functions such as breathing, eating, drinking or lying down.

7. Health

It is the responsibility of the exhibitor to provide proper health care for their animals through routine inspection and consultation with health care professionals. The improper or illegal use of drugs or antibiotics is prohibited. If medication is indicated, be sure to follow the label directions and allow more than the stated withdrawal time