Adult Arts & Crafts – Dept. 19

Contact: Deborah Houston

1. Open only to exhibitors 19 years and over.
2. Bring entries to the Fair on Wednesday, August 7, 2019 from 4:00 PM to 8:00 PM, and Thursday, August 8, 2019 from 4:00 PM to 8:00 PM.
Entries will not be accepted at any other time.
3. Exhibitors must have an exhibitor’s number. (Obtained from Premium Office.)
4. Exhibitors should obtain a premium book and entry tags before the Fair, and FILL OUT tags BEFORE entering. Exhibitor is responsible for the accuracy of his/her tag. Improperly entered items will be disqualified.
5. One entry per class per exhibitor. The Fair will accept only entries in the classes listed in this book. There is no charge to enter.
6. Pick up your entries on Sunday, August 18, 2019 from 11:00 AM to 2:00 PM. You must have your claim checks with you. The Fair is not responsible for entries not claimed at this time.


1. NOTE: Due to lack of display space for this section, please limit entries to 10 per exhibitor.
2. Cover name on item with tape or sticker.
3. IMPORTANT: SIZE: 8 X 10 – NO OTHER SIZE WILL BE ACCEPTED.   If the aspect ratio of the photo you want to enter does not fit on an 8×10” sheet you may have your photo printed with a white border so that your photo retains it’s aspect ratio and still fits on a 8×10.
4.  Photographs must not be matted and/or framed. Place photo in the provided sheet protector.
4. Digitally Enhanced includes Photo-shopped.

JUDGING: Photographs will be judged on impact & creativity, technical, composition, subject matter, storytelling and communication.

PREMIUMS:…..1st – $5.00 2nd – $4.00 3rd – $3.00


1. Animals – Domestic                                           8. Night Photography
2. Animal – Wildlife                                               9. People
3. Macro/Details                                                  10. Plants / Flowers
4. Digital Darkroom                                             11. Lawrence County Fair
5. Dominant Color (Monotone)                        12. Motion Blurr
6. Food                                                                    13. Design (Perspective/Line)
7. Nature/Landscape                                           14. Hand Coloring

Animals Domestic – animals that have an extensive relationship with humans. Examples: cattle, horses, dogs, cats, donkeys, hamsters, cats, and goats. All manner of farm animals and those which are considered pets.
Animals Wildlife – animals which are undomesticated. Examples: deer, turkey, snakes, rodents, giraffes, elephants. These photos can be taken in nature or zoos.
Macro & Detail – extremely close up photography. Getting super close to capture a part of a photo. For this you can submit a tight shot of a entire single subject that fills the frame.  Example: leaf, a locket, a key or a lock. Or a true macro which is a shot that is exploring the fine detail of a subject. Example: whisker on a horse, the edge of a stamp, the thorns of a rose stem, the inner stamen of a flower.
Digital Darkroom – a category to show off your photoshop skills. Examples: composites, photo stitches into a panoramic, storyboards, filter manipulation, graphic arts elements.
Dominant Color – a single color theme throughout the photo: blue, white, red, green, orange, black. Example: Purple grapes in a purple bowl on a purple table cloth. Red gloves in a red hat. White flowers on a white dress. Rusty horseshoe against red barn with saturated light. Do not include macro or detail photos.
Food – still life food such as those used for menus and advertising. Examples: Christmas dinner table, picnics, cakes and pies, place settings.
Nature & Landscape – scenic broad view landscapes, cityscapes, waterscapes, farms, sunsets, parks.
Night Photography – Photos taken outdoors after dusk and before dawn. No sunset photos and no indoor photos. These images would include artificial light or long exposures. Any subject matter is acceptable as long as the focus is clearly on the technic and skill. Example: Building or structure, fireworks, people.
People – from all walks of life. Can be portraiture or more photojournalistic in approach.
Plants & Flora – focus should be on a single interesting or beautiful tree, plant, flower or bush. Bouquets of the same flowers can also be used. Can be taken indoors or out.
Design – Photos that showcase perspective, line and pattern. Examples: texture, line, shape or repetitive pattern.
Motion Blur – is the apparent streaking of rapidly moving objects. Typical utilizing slower shutter speeds and panning. Examples: a horse running, bicycle, auto racing, track and field.
Lawrence County Fair – photos that capture the fun, excitement and camaraderie of the
Lawrence County Fair. This will be a yearly category so plan on shooting this year for next year.

Best of Show in Adult Photography –
Sponsored by Tami Weingartner Photography

Juror’s Choice Award
will be awarded Monday August 12, 2019
during live Q & A with the Judges – 7:00pm in the Craft Building


1. All entries to be matted, mounted or framed.
2. Picture size not to exceed 18” by 24”.

Entry will be judged on composition, technique, and overall effectiveness.

PREMIUMS:…..1st – $5.00 2nd – $4.00 3rd – $3.00
1. Acrylics
2. Airbrush
3. Charcoal
4. Drawing – Pen and Ink
5. Drawing – One Color
6. Drawing – Multicolor
7. Mixed Media
8. Oil Painting
9. Painting on Non-traditional surface
10. Pastel
11. Slate Painting
12. Watercolor
13. Other

Best of Show in Adult Artwork – Sponsored by Harlansburg Station



JUDGING: Each entry will be judged on workmanship, creativity, neatness, and overall attractiveness.

PREMIUMS:…..1st – $5.00 2nd – $4.00 3rd – $3.00
1. Door or Wall Decoration – Holiday (not Christmas)
2. Door or Wall Decoration – Swags
3. Door or Wall Decoration – Wreath (not Christmas)
4. Grapevine Wreath – Holiday (not Christmas)
5. Grapevine Wreath – Other (not holiday)
6. Flower Arrangements – Artificial – Basket
7. Flower Arrangements – Artificial – Vase
8. Flower Arrangements – Other
9. Beadwork
10. Blanket
11. Ceramic – Stain (not fired finish) Simple
12. Ceramic – Stain (not fired finish) – Dry Brush Stain
13. Ceramic – Stain – (not fire finish) – Translucent
14. Ceramic – Glaze (fired finish) – Glaze Under Glaze
15. Ceramic – Glaze (fired finish) –
16. Ceramic – Any Combo – Mixed Media
17. Ceramic – Glaze over Glaze
18. Christmas – Santa Creation
19. Christmas Stocking
20. Christmas Table Decoration
21. Christmas Tree Ornament – Beaded
22. Christmas Tree Ornament – Painted
23. Christmas Tree Ornament – Plastic Canvas
24. Christmas Tree Ornament – Other
25. Christmas Tree Ornaments – Set (limit 3)
26. Christmas Wall Hanging
27. Christmas Wreath
28. Other Christmas item not listed
29. Creative Gift Wrappings – max. size 12” x 18” box or bag – Birthday
30. Creative Gift Wrappings – max. size 12” x 18” box or bag – Holiday
31. Creative Gift Wrappings – max. size 12” x 18” box or bag – Wedding, etc
32. Creative Gift Wrappings – max. size 12” x 18” box or bag – Other
33. Decorated Picture Frame
34. Decorated Wearing Apparel
35. Dolls – Handcrafted
36. Door Stops
37. Easter Creations
38. Eggery
39. Hair Accessory
40. Halloween Creation
41. Jewelry – One Piece
42. Jewelry – Set
43. Natural Material – Wheat, Straw, Seeds, Stones, Dried Flowers
44. Novelty Creation – Inspirational
45. Novelty Creation – Ornamental
46. Novelty Creation – Useful Item
47. Paper Craft – Greeting Cards/Gift Tags
48. Paper Craft – Other
49. Plastic Canvas
50. Refrigerator Magnet
51. Scrapbook page – 1-Page Layout – Holiday or Vacation
52. Scrapbook page – 1-Page Layout – Special Event
53. Scrapbook page – 1-Page Layout – Other
54. Scrapbook page – 2-Page Layout – Holiday or Vacation
55. Scrapbook page – 2-Page Layout – Special Event
56. Scrapbook page – 2-Page Layout – Other
57. Southwestern Theme Creation
58. Stained Glass
59. Thanksgiving Creation
60. Valentine Creation
61. Yard Decorations
62. Other Craft not otherwise listed – Small
63. Other Craft not otherwise listed – Large

Best of Show in Adult Crafts – Sponsored by Family Craft Center



JUDGING: Each entry will be judged on difficulty of project, quality of work, and overall appearance
PREMIUMS:…..1st – $9.00 2nd – $8.00 3rd – $7.00
1. Refinished furniture
2. New furniture
3.  Repurposed furniture  (ex. bed into a bench)

PREMIUMS:…..1st – $5.00 2nd – $4.00 3rd – $3.00
3. Birdhouse
4. Handcarved Animals
5. Handcarved Caricatures
6. Handcarved Walking Stick / Cane
7. Shelves
8. Toys
9. Woodburning
10. Wood Cut-Outs – Painted
11. Wood Dimensional Cut-Outs
12. Leatherwork
13. Metal Tooling
14. Other Wood Item – Small
15. Other Wood Item – Large
16. Useful Item – Small
17. Useful Item – Large